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Modern digital marketing campaigns are multi-faceted and can become very complex and disjointed. Businesses managing their own social media marketing campaigns, website optimization, search ads, and display ads often tend to treat all of these as separate entities. Yet, approaching online advertising holistically, with the help of a full service advertising agency, can inform your efforts in each arena, and ultimately boost performance across the board. One way in which to do this is to use information gained through analytics on search data to inform the search engine optimization and keywording of your website. Ad House Advertising prides itself on the ability to meaningfully interpret analytics data and use those insights to produce meaningful gains.

One way in way in which this data can create more powerful SEO is on the landing page for your search advertising- where is best to direct PPC customers, and does this page also support users who arrived there through organic search? The knowledge of what effectively works for customers of paid ads can be gained through carefully culling through Analytics data and applying a trained eye to information like bounce rate, time on site, and conversions. If your page is stuffed with keywords or alternatively, lacking much content, this can contribute to high bounce rate and low conversions, ultimately reducing ROI. This might indicate the need to gracefully integrate SEO into the page. If the numbers are on point for both organic and paid search traffic while costs-per-click remains low, this is an indication that you should try to duplicate your success here on your other pages.

In addition to indicating the success of the content on a page, PPC data can help reveal new and aggressive competitors that your business should be aware of. Gaining search engine ranking and developing paid advertising that performs well can be a lengthy process, but knowing your market and how who your competitors are is a key advantage that the Google certified staff of Ad House Advertising leverages for insights and to boost performance.

Referring search query data is a very powerful way to gain marketing information and to determine what words to prioritize as keywords during the SEO process. From Google Analytics data illustrated in a volume of reports from PPC advertising, it is easy to calculate total impressions, rough search volume, and effective keywords. At Ad House, we utilize a number of unique tools and use experience to make the most of this data, applying it skillfully to website development.

Create harmony among all of your different advertising campaigns by working with a full service advertising agency like Ad House Advertising. We create powerful messaging that performs across a multitude of platforms- from commercial video to online advertising and website optimization. Ready to get started on your complete advertising campaign? Contact Ad House for a free consultation.


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