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Since its inception in 2000, Edit House Studios has been a reliable provider of top-notch video production resources, offering state-of-the-art equipment, skilled personnel, and versatile workspaces to ensure exceptional results.

We utilize cutting-edge, Netflix-approved 4K Sony FX9 cameras equipped with full-frame 6K sensors, Fast Hybrid AF, Dual Base ISO, and S-Cinetone color science. Our team of cinematographers and directors boasts over a century of combined experience and has received numerous accolades, including Aurora, Addy, and Telly Awards for excellence in cinematography, lighting, and directing. We provide comprehensive packages tailored for both studio and field production.

Production services include:

  • In-Studio (IFB connection for live new) or On-Location Video Production

  • Award-Winning Directors and Cinematographers

  • 4K Camera Packages and In-House Equipment

Decades of Filming Experience

Studio & Commercial Video Production

Directing Your Path to Success, Frame by Frame!

Rio Rancho Video Production Services

Whether in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area or anywhere else in New Mexico, we can handle your production needs both on location and in the studio. Our staff has the experience and talent you need.

Helping You Achieve Production Success

We’re happy to collaborate with your Director or step into that role within our comprehensive video production services. We simplify the process to ensure your project’s success.

Experience, Equipment and Cinematography

Production is the total package, but we’re a menu-driven company, so you can pick and choose. Use only the production services and items you need. We can create a tailored solution for your project.


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Complete Video Production Solutions near Albuquerque, NM

Nestled between Albuquerque and Santa Fe lies one of New Mexico’s premier video production companies—Edit House Studios. Since 2000, we’ve been dedicated to serving the diverse needs of businesses and organizations within New Mexico, as well as assisting out-of-state agencies and production firms.

Equipped with a comprehensive array of tools and staffed by seasoned producers, directors, cinematographers, and editors—all under one roof—we stand prepared to capture your vision. Whether you prefer our spacious 2,000 sqft studio with 400 amp electrical capabilities or wish to shoot on location, be it your own premises or amidst the picturesque landscapes of our state, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we offer the expertise of an FAA-certified drone pilot for aerial videography.

Our services span a wide range of commercial productions, including TV commercials, online videos, documentaries, podcasts, social media ads, and even live news interviews with IFB connectivity.

We can take care of every aspect of your project from beginning to end. Alternatively, if you prefer to collaborate with your own director or producer, we’re more than happy to provide the necessary crew and equipment. Additionally, we offer specialized facilities such as a podcast studio, greenscreen, moveable set walls, and even a color-temperature adjustable mirror for makeup.

Our filming equipment includes top-of-the-line Sony FX9 cameras with 6K image sensors paired with versatile 28-135mm f/4 G OSS e-mount lenses. We also provide comprehensive sound and lighting packages, along with a range of additional tools like a jib, slider, dolly, and other creative gadgets. Most importantly, our full-time crew collaborates seamlessly every day, ensuring a smooth operation whether we’re working in-studio or on location. With our deep understanding of both our equipment and workflow, we guarantee a hassle-free experience, leaving you delighted not only with the final product but also with the journey to its completion. If you’re interested in our video production services, don’t hesitate to reach out for an estimate or to commence the process!


Beyond mere aesthetics, cinematography serves as the cornerstone, establishing the mood and sculpting the essence of the artistic endeavor.

Creative Direction

We begin with the end in mind: What emotions, thoughts, and actions do you want your audience to experience after viewing your video? Our entire process revolves around achieving that directorial vision.

Audio Recording

Whether in the field or in the studio, audio is key. Trust us to make sure it sounds great and enhances your story and vision.

Creative direction inspires innovation

Production services that facilitate your creative vision.

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