Digital marketing is getting increasingly smarter, and the results are becoming more and more measurable. At Ad House Advertising we have built our success on being at the forefront of digital advertising trends, and are excited to roll out more campaigns in a new arena of display advertising. One of the most recent developments is dynamic remarketing- allowing advertisers to deliver better ads with better performance. Dynamic remarketing is a potent brand of display advertising that reaches your audience with a relevant message as they browse other websites. It works like this: when someone visits your webpage and views a specific product, it is safely recorded in a cookie. This allows for that individual to, in turn, receive relevant, targeted display ads as they browse other websites. These ads usually contain the specific product that was viewed, often with related products, and some further incentive to purchase. When it comes to convincing the people who visit your site to take action and convert, one visit isn’t usually enough. That’s why dynamic remarketing is such an effective method of advertising.

Tracking visits and capitalizing on the information gained through them has never been easier. Google Analytics provides insights into customer habits and allows advertisers to create intelligent, laser targeted ads. When tested in beta, dynamic remarketing illustrated tremendous potential. Dynamic remarketing is very new for the Google ad network and has only recently been made available to marketers across all verticals, but for the clients we have developed it for, the results thus far have been exciting. The display algorithms are complex, but when enacted properly, have the power to highlight what matters most to your customers, driving better results and more profits.

Google beta testing reported that conversion rates doubled with dynamic remarketing with, on average, a 60% reduction in CPA. Ad House Advertising is excited to continue developing attractive, tailored ads to reconnect with your customers, and remind them about your products and services. Expanding your reach and boosting ROI and revenue has never been easier or more quantitative than with digital advertising and dynamic remarketing. Grow your influence on the web with the help of the professionals at Ad House for website evaluation, search and display advertising, and dynamic remarketing as your audience traverses the Google display network.

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