The Issue: Indigo Mortgage weathered the economic crisis much better than most mortgage companies but as the economy recovered, they were anxious to increase their market share. Their website was a WordPress site that had very little content, a homemade video with poor sound quality, and a third-party contact form that limited their monthly inquiries. The site was not ranking well organically.

Our Approach: We began with a total rebuild of their website, including mobile responsiveness. Rich in content and in keywords, the site now offers a custom contact form, information for first-time homebuyers, FAQs, a mortgage calculator, and an internal blog to improve SEO. New videos offer information on the company as well as each of their five divisions.

Social media management has included expanding the company’s online visibility and providing pertinent information, as well as increasing the networking to related professionals. Weekly radio segments are included in the social media posts and available through a library on the website.

The Results: The website has improved its organic ranking in a number of search terms. The owner reports an increasing number of new clients finding them via their social media and website. The company has expanded its employees to handle the demand, and in 2013 was named one of New Mexico’s Fastest Growing Companies.

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