Sure, lots of business owners plan and buy their own media. For others, they realize there are other more productive things they could be doing with that time, so they turn to an advertising agency. Hopefully they use a company (like Ad House) that actually subscribes to ratings data to get a true picture of what’s happening with viewers.


Here’s how important media buying should be to a business: When your company grows to a certain point, would you do your own corporate taxes or represent yourself in a court of law? You’d probably choose the expertise of a professional who’s devoted their career to the ends-and-outs in those areas. Why? That expertise will provide your company with better results. And that’s what we do.

Why Should Ad House Advertising Buy Your Broadcast Media?

  1. It doesn’t cost you anything extra.
  2. Get more exposure for your media dollar.
  3. We tailor your budget to better reach those who are most likely to purchase.
  4. Not everyone is your potential customer– “image” packages and “rotators” seldom work.
  5. Each medium (TV, Radio, Billboards, etc.) all have very different uses.
  6. We buy millions in advertising each year; we know what is most likely to provide the best results for your situation.
  7. Because we buy so much airtime as an agency, we negotiate rates with stations, and make our commission from them, not from you. We buy airtime at a lower price, and then get paid out of that. Having our agency buy your broadcast airtime literally costs you less money.

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