google adwords

You can burn through your Google AdWords budget in less time than it takes to read this blog if you don’t know what you’re doing—and here’s the thing—many people don’t. That’s why it’s important to hire a Google Partner Agency to manage your AdWords account.

A Google Partner Agency like Ad House Advertising has met extensive standards set by Google based on experience, expertise, ad performance, and integrity. Our experience and expertise allow us to plan and implement successful advertising campaigns for our clients.

We create focused Search campaigns, using exact match and phrase match keywords. Most do-it-yourself business owners and many ad agencies use only broad matches or make the ad groups too broad. Often, negative keywords are not used, which will prevent most unrelated clicks and save you money. We recently encountered a business owner who’d done his own PPC campaign for years; he was horrified to learn that one-third of his budget each month had been spent by people looking for toilet seals, not the custom embossers and seals that he sold. Several years ago, an attorney told us of his experience: he’d set up his own online campaign with automated billing to his credit card. However, he didn’t set up spending thresholds. A month later, his credit card bill was $4,000 yet he hadn’t received a single lead.

Constant attention to our powerful analytical tools helps us track shifts in keyword trends to consistently provide you with ads capitalizing on the most-current keyword search terms, making the most of your AdWords budget, and finding customers in your target demographic at just the right point in the buying cycle.

It’s also vital to assess and improve the website landing page where your PPC ads will deliver a user. We often recommend changes to web pages before an online ad campaign begins. The website’s landing page is one of the key components in AdWords’ Quality Score, which determines the cost of the ad click. If we can improve the Quality Score, we can save incrementally on the cost per click, even having a higher ad position but at a lower cost than competing companies.

AdWords is a great start, but there’s much more that we delve into to create a cost-effective and results-based digital ad campaign. Ad House also has the tools to analyze post-click activity, meaning that we can see what users are looking at once they reach your site, how much time they’re spending in it, and whether they’re new or returning visitors. These insights let us know what changes to make to your site to attract more customers and to remarket appropriate ads to keep them coming back.

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