EXP realty cpc Graph

Rich Cederberg of EXP Realty came to Ad House Advertising in the summer of 2013 for an online pay-per-click campaign. After the real estate market crashed in 2008, Rich had become interested in social media as a means to increase his potential leads. He has become an expert blogger and does a great job interacting with the community on Google+. Rich also became very skilled at creating rich, original content for his own website.

While all of that helped him build his customer base, he was interested in reaching out to homebuyers who were ready for immediate purchase. We worked with Rich to build an effective online pay-per-click campaign. Due to the abundance of unique, quality content on Rich’s website, albuquerquerealestateplace.com, we quickly obtained high Quality Scores, driving down the cost-per-click of his pay-per-click marketing.

The results were incredible, even with a quite limited budget. In July and August of 2013, our pay-per-click ads brought almost 25% of total visitors to his website. Of all the first-time visitors to the site, over half were from online ads. The greatest news was that almost 8% of visitors who came from pay-per-click ads submitted an intent to purchase form (on that first visit!) as opposed to less than 3% of organic visitors. That’s right, paid ad traffic was a quarter of his overall website traffic, but a substantially higher percentage of qualified leads.

If you are interested in learning how you can utilize the power of a well-crafted pay-per-click campaign to help your business achieve your marketing objectives, please contact Ad House Advertising today.

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