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When it comes to using digital advertising to promote your business, there are so many options – it can be overwhelming! From Facebook advertising to email marketing to native advertising, there are numerous digital channels to choose from, but not all function the same, or achieve the same results! At Ad House Advertising, our digital media experts specialize in analyzing your business needs, then determining the best strategy. Here’s a quick breakdown of two common types of digital marketing, and how we use them at Ad House Advertising.

Display Advertising. Display ads are visual ads – an image with text that includes a strong call to action – that can be placed into the content on third-party websites. For example, say your business sold eyeglasses. A display ad for your business might feature professional product shots of a few frame styles, neatly designed with text encouraging the viewer to try on your glasses or shop your selection. The ad could be placed into the content on web pages with information on selecting the right glasses for your face shape or choosing the right eye doctor. At Ad House Advertising, we use our own demand-side platform (DSP) to place display ads into content, and we have the ability to determine who sees your ads, based on information about the user. We can ensure that your ads are only shown to potential customers based on household income, age, gender, credit score and more. Display ads are typically very affordable, our client’s ads can often be shown for about half a penny! Display ads are a great way to show the most qualified potential customers what you’re all about and increase brand awareness.

Search Advertising. When you type a search query into Google, you will often come across a search ad. Google search ads are text ads that appear above organic search results. Paid ads are purchased on a pay-per-click basis, and bid on in an auction system. The Google search specialists at Ad House Advertising conduct research on your product category to find out how people search for your type of goods or services, then we write out your ads accordingly, and bid on relevant keywords. We personally monitor every search campaign we run and constantly optimize based on real-time data. Search ads are ideal for reaching your prospective customers in their moment of need when they are seeking out a solution. Because search reaches people at the bottom of the sales funnel, when they are ready to buy or research, this method often gets you results quickly, creating new customers almost immediately.

These are just two of the ways we use online advertising for our clients, and depending on your individual business needs, we may recommend another approach. However, display and search have proven to be consistently effective, especially when used in conjunction with other methods. Display ads create desire by showing prospective customers who you are and encouraging them to visit your store or website, search ads fulfill that desire – the need to know now, the immediate gratification. To learn more about how display and search advertising can boost your digital marketing strategy and how we can help, contact Ad House Advertising today!

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