The Issue: Harris Jewelers, a locally-owned jewelry store, doesn’t have the advertising budgets that large corporate stores have, or a mall location with built-in foot traffic. In a weakened economy, they needed to expand market share and become a shopping destination for jewelry, watches and custom designs.


Our Approach: Their website was practically an antique, and offered no SEO opportunity, no e-commerce and no call-to-action. Beginning with an improved domain name, we designed a custom site, complete with e-commerce. Current content updates with blogs, testimonials and new products have increased their organic ranking.

During peak opportunity periods, digital pay-per-click ads have been added, cost-effectively bringing active shoppers to the store and to the website’s shop. New television commercials were created with their signature tongue-in-cheek humor, to showcase the unique and custom jewelry.

The Results: More people shop the store, and also share their experiences in online reviews. Sales have increased. The store is now one of the largest privately-owned jewelry stores in the state.

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