b2b marketing albuquerque

A recent study showed that nearly 55% of the research for a company’s upcoming purchase was made before they ever talked with a sales rep. If your company is focused on business to business sales, that means you need an active online presence with glowing reviews—and enough information to educate and persuade the prospective client to reach out to you first.

Every Ad House B2B client is different, but our work in this segment usually involves website development or improvement; reputation management; and digital advertising through pay-per-click or CPM based ads. Other services might be needed, from brochures to direct mail, from call recording/tracking to videos for trade shows. Our integrated approach is designed to save you money while creating the most impact for your bottom line.

Through our programmatic digital advertising campaigns, we use extensive third-party data to finely target your prospects. For example, we can reach company owners or top management by specific industry; add in household income or home value; incorporate publications they’re reading; and market to them cross-device on their smartphone, on their desktop computer in the office, and their tablet at home.

If you’re using traditional media such as print, radio or television to target a B2B customer, we’d love to show you how that budget could be used more cost effectively in a digital marketing campaign.

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