Simply put: we do business with organizations who care about their Users and the User Experience.

Restricted Business Categories

We are unable to assist advertisers within these business categories:

  • Adult content.
  • Affiliate programs.
  • “Anti-” or Discriminatory Campaigns.
  • Cigarettes and tabacco products. Smoking cessation products/services are okay.
  • Link-sharing sites that do not contibute to a positive user experience.
  • Multi-level marketing programs and work from home programs.
  • Online gambling websites.

Advertisers must abide by laws within their respective countries, and localities in which they advertise. International advertisers who wish to advertise in France are subject to additional restrictions.

This is by no means a complete list of exclusions. Even if some business categories or business models are suitable for online or offline advertising, we are selective in which kinds of businesses are right for Ad House.

Restricted Business Practices

We are unable to assist advertisers who participate in deceptive or abusive business practices.

Privacy of Users & Collection of Information

Information requested from initial contact with Users should be as minimal as possible. Information collected from Users must clearly indicate why it is collected, how it will be used, and what measures are in place to secure it.

  • No passive collection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information). PII must only be collected as the direct result of a User-activated submission.
  • Financial information and Payments collected from Users must be via HTTPS connection, or via an established secure third-party payment processor.
Misrepresentation of Product/Service & Negative User Experience

Information on products, services, contact information, billing and payment, returns/refunds, etc. must be clear and available to Users without a paygate, payment submission, login, and may not be ‘buried’.

  • “Bridge” sites, or content that exists solely to funnel users to other sites.
  • Malicious website or apps, including blocking a user from exiting or using Back functionality in any way.
  • Websites utilzing hidden containers, iframes, etc. for any purpose other than passive tracking.

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