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The majority of homes now watch TV on a high-definition signal, which gives more area to the screen and about seven times more detail. So if you’re commercial is not in HD, it may appear fuzzy and much smaller next to other commercials. For web videos, it’s just as important.


Our sister company, Edit House Productions, beta-tested with area TV stations to develop the market’s HD standards, then created and aired the state’s first HD commercials in 2007. If you watch TV in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe market, and many others across the Southwest, you see our work. And after making commercials, web videos, training videos, sales videos and so on for 30 years for all kinds of businesses, we’ve got the experience of what works. We also believe in making the process as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients.

What’s It Cost?

Our video production typically begins at around $1,000 for a :30-second commercial and goes up, depending on the complexity. We promise one thing: we’re most concerned with the SALES AND RESULTS that commercial produces for you. You’ll never find that the production costs so much that you can’t run an effective on-air schedule. And, unlike most television station production departments, when we make your TV commercial or online video, you own it. No strings attached.

Edit House is one of the few companies in New Mexico to own our own production and post-production equipment, we actually produce commercials for several other ad agencies, so there’s absolutely no out-sourcing, no delays and you’re actually dealing with the person who’s making your video.

Learn more about the equipment and see lots of examples at the Edit House Productions website.

Why It’s Important

  1. Video is the most powerful sales tool in your ad toolkit.
  2. When we produce it, you own it.
  3. Guidance and expertise in video’s best practices.
  4. High-Def is far, far superior.
  5. Videos help your SEO, improve your website, interest your customers.
  6. Videos can be created to run on TV, used for advertising or be placed on your website.

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