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Law Enforcement Recruitment That Delivers

Since 2000, Edit House Productions, LLC and our media division, Ad House Advertising, have provided law enforcement recruitment campaigns, serving a number of different agencies to dramatically increase academy graduation counts.

Today, our very finely crafted digital campaigns take the lead in bringing qualified recruits to your website. Other media is incorporated when needed, including radio and television commercials, outdoor billboards, website development, and printed materials.

Our deliverables include complex internet marketing campaigns which provide qualified candidates to the academy for the testing process at a very cost-efficient cost. Online visitors to the website are anonymous; no one sees their gender, ethnicity, style of dress, or other subjective factors. This creates an excellent tool for unbiased recruiting. In working with recruiters, we develop a relationship to also suggest modest changes to maximize the website’s ability to generate applicants from our digital campaigns.

Case Study: We began working with a metropolitan police department in 2014, before and during a Department of Justice Court Appointed Settlement Agreement. During this time, we increased the size of the average academy graduation class by 47%. In addition, the number of female graduates from the academy increased by 23%.

Case Study: In late 1999, a state police agency was in jeopardy of losing $1M in federal funding due to the lack of recruits. Our first campaign, before the growth of the internet, focused on broadcast media directed to likely recruits. From that first effort, the agency was able to usher through full classes of recruits, and their federal funding continued. The typical recruit class without our services averaged 17; when using our law enforcement recruiting services, academy classes averaged 40-50 recruits.

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