As an integrated communications company, we specialize in strategically crafting messages to inform and educate targeted individuals, moving them to engagement and action. We have decades of experience crafting campaigns that increase retail sales, sway public opinion, activate supporters, and promote social change.

As we create the elements of a marketing plan, we’re looking at the big picture of how to grow your business. By integrating the elements that strategically move you forward, we can make more impact in a shorter timeframe. (All within budget and ROI, of course.)

For example, if we’re creating a website and taking photos for that, we’ll have discussed with you what other photos might soon be needed– for brochures, grand opening news releases, or social media pages, for example. Something as simple as taking additional photos to accomodate the vertical versus horizontal nature for later uses might avoid a second photo shoot, saving you money and time.

We’re also focused on what we call the sales funnel– reaching more of your prospective customers and moving them toward purchase or another desired action. Our work then integrates the best use of media and marketing activities to broaden those prospects at the top of the funnel, as well as create more sales or results at the bottom.

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