The impact of AI like Chat GPT on PPC

By Lucas Baca (Marketing Assistant)

Though there are likely growing pains, AI will continue to positively impact the ad industry, specifically the pay-per-click strategy (PPC). AI technology has experienced rapid evolution and gained popularity this year, with tools like ChatGPT providing communication professionals with innovative insights to explore. At Ad House Advertising, we firmly believe that AI will continue to make significant impacts on PPC advertising, including these three:

Enhanced Copywriting: One of the strengths of AI, like ChatGPT, is its ability to process written copy. Leveraging deep learning algorithms along with vast amounts of online text data, ChatGPT can generate human-like responses. By providing the AI tool with information about the desired ad copy, PPC professionals can receive credible suggestions that resonate with their target audience. It’s proven and will continue to be a reliable ally for copywriters across the industry.

Better Targeting: AI has already revolutionized PPC advertising, with Google’s ‘smart bidding’ feature suggesting keywords. However, inexperienced advertisers may find these suggestions misleading, as broad-match keywords often lack accuracy. ChatGPT goes beyond these limitations by analyzing user behavior and providing valuable insights on keyword research. By considering factors such as page visits, duration of stay, or user actions, ChatGPT assists in optimizing targeting strategies.

Competition and Cost: The PPC space is highly competitive, with AI raising the bar even higher. In an AI-dominated world, utilizing ChatGPT can give advertisers a competitive advantage, enabling them to outbid competitors for ad space. Users who embrace ChatGPT notice improved campaign outcomes and increased revenue. However, this increased competition often leads to higher-priced keywords, presenting additional challenges for smaller advertisers trying to compete. As search advertising costs continue to rise, staying ahead of the competition becomes crucial.

Integrating AI into PPC advertising brings enhanced copywriting, improved targeting capabilities, and heightened competition. However, leveraging the full potential of AI requires the expertise of a trusted, full-service agency like Ad House Advertising. By partnering with professionals in this evolving landscape, you can avoid costly ad errors that non-professionals may make. Embrace the potential of AI in PPC advertising to unlock new possibilities while staying ahead in the ever-changing digital marketing world. The future is here, and we are excited to witness its progress!


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