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The decision to hire an ad agency isn’t an easy one, but deciding which advertising agency to hire can be even more challenging. There are hundreds, even thousands of agencies out there, each making impressive claims about their services and specialties. Every agency can pitch compelling case studies, smart positioning, and competent employees. How do you tell them apart? How do you determine which advertising agency fits your business’s needs?

Location. While web conferencing, email and phone calls make a long-distance relationship with your agency possible, you definitely want to meet your agency face-to-face. It should be noted, however, that choosing a local agency has its advantages. Not only is there less travel involved when you work with a local agency, but you can trust that a local agency understands the local market and can better assist you with your marketing efforts. Ad House Advertising has been serving clients in New Mexico since 2000.

Personality. You can choose an agency that gets results for your company, but if your company’s team doesn’t enjoy working with their account team, the relationship is bound to fall apart eventually. Look closely at your prospective agency’s website and social media channels. Get a feel for their personality. When you speak with them, do they explain their services in a helpful way, or do they overwhelm you with meaningless jargon? Are they warm and friendly? You want to choose an agency that you’re comfortable with and genuinely enjoy interacting with.

Track Record. Consider the agency’s background. Are they an experienced agency, or are they a newer agency? Are their senior staff members experienced? Look at their portfolio and case studies. Do they have a proven track record of achieving results for their clients? Have they worked with clients in your industry before?

Services. Advertising agencies offer a wide range of marketing services, and not all agencies offer the same services. Every agency has its strengths and weaknesses. When you speak to a prospective agency, pay close attention to what they suggest for your ad campaigns. Ask them for clear explanations of how their techniques work. They should be able to clearly and concisely explain how their techniques will help your business’s bottom line.

Certifications. If you’re looking for a digital advertising partner, look for the Google Partners badge on your prospective agency’s website. Google Partner agencies undergo rigorous training in order to be certified. Google trusts these agencies to follow their best practices and provide expert service. Google Partner agencies are true masters when it comes to Google AdWords and the Google Display Network. Google Partners are also the first to know about new Google advertising products, so a certified agency can help you get a leg up on your competition! Ad House Advertising is proud to be the first agency in New Mexico to hold this certification, and we have multiple certified staff.

With a number of agencies all vying for your attention, trying to win your business, it’s important to shop wisely. Compare agencies and ask questions. Make sure that the agency you eventually choose has a proven track record, can clearly explain their methods, and makes you and your team feel at home. Make sure the services and strategies they suggest make sense for your company and make sure they understand your target customer. And don’t forget to choose an agency with the Google Partner certification. Feel free to contact Ad House Advertising for a free consultation. We’re happy to talk to you about your current marketing efforts, your business goals, and offer our professional advice as certified Google Partners.

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