Ad House Advertising has been selected for the second time to visit Google’s Global Headquarters near San Jose, California as part of its ongoing All-Stars Event.

Google Global HeadquartersAd House was one of about 50 search engine marketing (SEM) agencies that qualified to attend the event in November 2012 and was invited to participate again in the 2013 challenge. The “Engage All-Star Event” is a friendly competition for Google’s top digital marketing agencies. Agencies compete to help their clients’ businesses grow through the use of search and display network ads as well as new business development.

In order to be invited to the event, SEM agencies must achieve specific criteria. Google selects the top few agencies (out of more than 14,000 worldwide) to be selected to attend the expenses-paid summit, August 12-13, 2013 at their Mountain View headquarters. Google shares advanced training, exclusive information, one-on-one consultations with Google experts, and a tour of Googleplex.

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