This week Ad House Advertising co-owner and communications expert, Kim Smith, along with online marketing manager Ryan Smith, presented a unique seminar to an audience of about 50 local and international law enforcement specialists. The presentation was designed for the International Association of Law Enforcement Planners, a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of individuals working in the field of law enforcement.

Edit House has been working with local and regional law enforcement agencies for many years, beginning with the New Mexico State Police in 1999. At that time we helped to develop materials for training and recruitment including TV and radio commercials and a 30 minute documentary. Ad House, the marketing branch of Edit House, designs media campaigns to reach the best audience in the most efficient manner. As you can imagine, a lot of our strategies have changed since 1999. Kim and Ryan’s presentation outlined the latest trends in media and marketing, and explained how these concepts can be applied to law enforcement planning.

Whereas 15 years ago TV spots, radio ads, billboards, and other means of promotion were effective- these days the world has gone digital! Online advertising such as pay-per-click videos, search ads, and social media marketing communicate clear messages to a specific audience with much less waste of ad dollars to less likely prospects. Kim and Ryan explained and emphasized these strategies throughout the presentation, providing graphics and interpreting data to show the benefit of online advertising.

Kim and Ryan were very happy to share some of Ad House Advertising’s knowledge of these topics with the IALEP members in the hopes that these strategies will help to strengthen the law enforcement organizations that protect our communities throughout the world.

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