Recently, Edit House Productions, LLC completed a project for A Park Above. With the conclusion of the new video, I can’t help but notice a great feeling of pride in our city. Everyone needs to feel like they belong; it’s who we are as people. A Park Above is a new kind of park, it isn’t just for people with special needs, or disabilities. A Park Above is a place where every body, disabled or not, can come together and play — some for the first time in their lives.

“Inclusion is very important and when people are excluded from certain areas they have a feeling of vulnerability and invisibility, and their self-esteem drops tremendous.” -Jennie Schulte Baca, President/CEO of A Park Above.


The project for A Park Above is something I will always remember. It’s taken a lot integrity and perseverance to become a reality. Finally, this park will be a place where everyone can come together as one.

In late 2013, Edit House Productions began filming testimonials about the incredible need for such a park. Every interview was transcribed and reviewed. Reading over every incredible story told on paper didn’t do justice for the incredible video that was recorded.

As production editor on this video project, I’ve seen A Park Above go from a inspirational concept to an engaging place that will make a huge difference in this community, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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