Business goals for 2023

Business goals for 2023

It’s no doubt that the last few years have been difficult for business owners. A pandemic, supply chain issues, changing consumer behavior, and a tight labor market caused some businesses to close; for those that survived, it’s been a time focused on getting product out the door, despite the issues.

As we start 2023, it’s a good time to step back and make a plan for where you’ll go during the next year. Some thoughts from Ad House Advertising to consider:

  1. Review your online business listings. During the pandemic, some businesses were temporarily closed or posted prominent Covid information on their Google My Business listing. Check to ensure the information is accurate. Make sure your company comes up on vocal searches on your phone. You should also check your Apple Maps listing, Yelp, Facebook, and Next Door profile information.
  2. Search ad changes. In 2022, Google Ads made major changes to their algorithm, allowing broad search terms which resulted in off-target ad clicks that reduce the campaign efficiencies. It’s vital that your campaigns are actively managed to overcome this. At Ad House, we routinely add negative keywords and modify campaigns to achieve cost-efficient conversions like calls and lead submissions. In fact, some of our digital accounts now have 15,000 negative keywords.
  3. Set goals. The past few years, your business goal may have been survival. But it’s time to look forward, plan for the long-term, and take into account how your business may need to change to meet today’s marketplace. How’s your customer service? Many companies today have a number of new employees, so training may be a need. Have your supply chain issues been resolved? Perhaps there are alternate, corollary products that can help you expand your offerings, realigning your niche with today’s available products and consumers’ needs.
  4. Analyze your website. A decade ago, you may have expected a new website to last for five years or more. Today, your website needs regular attention, both in content and in maintenance. Search engines greatly reward websites that add frequent, relevant content; blogs are the best way to improve your organic rank. If you’re still paying an SEO company monthly to add keywords to get you to the top of the search engine results, you’re being ripped off. Making sure the site’s backend is well-maintained is vital; be sure regular backups are being made. Update the components as needed; that’s a very common pathway for hacks to occur.
  5. Organize your digital assets. We’ve encountered many situations where a business owner loses control of their digital assets such as their domain registry login, social media logins, or access to their Google listing. We offer a digital checklist, a document to track all your credentials. It’s an important part of your company’s security and provided to you at no cost.

As you enter a new year, if we can be of service, let us know. Ad House Advertising is New Mexico’s first company to reach Google Partner status and we outperform industry averages for our clients in home improvement, automotive, financial, health and other business verticals. Our goal is to be a partner for our clients, making your advertising and marketing work better, creating more leads for the ad dollar, crafting productive websites and video marketing, so that you can focus on key business needs.

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